How Lolly's Came to Be


Lolly's was opened by my aunt Leora in the 70's.  It was hard for us to pronounce her name, so we nicknamed her Lolly!  In 1983 Lolly's husband had a job transfer that moved the family out west to Colorado.  My mom and dad bought the store, kept the name and the rest, so they say, is history.



Devastation Hit


On February 28, 2004 there was a devastating fire.  The entire complex was burned to the ground.  The only things left remaining were the chimney, elevator shaft, and our front porch.  During this time there were many letters of encouragement and reminiscing of memories.  They were reminders that Lolly's was not just a store but a home that was loved by many people. 



We re-opened in a temporary location two months after the fire.  The space was much smaller (almost 1/4 the size of the original location) but did the job while the new building was in progress of being built.  We had many people stop by to visit and shared the immensity of loss that was felt by not only the people who worked here but who shopped here also.


On October 14, 2005 we re-opened in the new Davis Mercantile.  All the moving and setting up of the store was done within one week with the hard work of our dedicated employees. 


Thanks to everyone who showed your support in the reconstruction of the building through your visits, emails, and letters.




Original Building

Original Porch

New Building

Porch Now

The Fire

The Aftermath

A quilt that made it through.