Quilt Process

Quilts are like a journal

With a beginning and end


For every quilter they can look at a finished quilt and see true beauty.  They know the hard work it takes to make a quilt, and the sense of pride and excitement felt once it is completed.


The Story of our Quilt Process

The quilts you see in our store are the handiwork of many local women.  Each quilt has been in the hands of several different women, before they come to completion.


Step 1 & 2

The first step in quilting is always finding a pattern.  After that it is finding the right colors.  This is definitely one of my favorite parts in the process.  There are so many colors to choose from.  In a Psychology class I was told that there were over 30,000 different hues of colors and I think we have about one of each in our store…except for when we are trying to pick out fabric for a quilt.  It can take up to an hour sometimes trying to find just the right fabric color to go in your quilt to give it the look you want.


Step 3

Once we have the pattern and fabric picked out for the quilt, it goes to a Piecer.  These are the ladies who take the time to cut out each shape and size, then sews, and appliqués if needed, it together to make the completed top look like the pattern. 


Step 4

The next step is sending the pieced tops to the Marker.  She is the one who decides what design should be quilted.  She marks the borders and the inside of the quilt with a pattern she thinks appropriate.


Step 5

When the marked top comes back, the clerks in the store put backings and thread with each quilt top.


Step 6

At this step the quilt top goes out to the Quilter.  These are the ladies who put the quilt in frame and stitch each thread into the quilt to form the quilting design.  Depending on the quilt size a quilter can put up to 600 yards of thread into one quilt. 


Step 7

The last and final step of the quilt process goes to the Binder.  She is the one who puts the small edging around the entire quilt.