To Market, To Market

Mike & I took some time and spent a couple of days at The International Quilt Market in Kansas City, Missouri. There was so much to see: stunning displays, magnificent quilts, a plethora of new fabrics, and book & patterns hot off the press! We were on the hunt for new products that we could bring into the shop and introduce to you.

Here’s a sampling of what we found —

Large cones of 40 wt. 3ply Aurifil for all our friends that do machine quilting on their longarms. We purchased an entire toward with 49 colors and already have it set up in the shop. Alex and his Aurifil team are knowledgeable and provide valuable insight.

Another great find was a new company called “Soak” featuring all-natural laundry soap, spray starch alternative called “Flatter,” and luxurious hand cream. You’ll fall in love with Soak’s signature fragrances, come in and pick your favorite!

While we were making our way through rows and rows of vendors, we were blown away by the colorful displays at the Valdani booth. After doing a little homework we purchased several hundred, well, actually over a thousand Valdani Pearl Cotton Balls. When you see the display in the store, you’ll know why we fell in love with all the colors.

We met up with old friends and made new ones too. One of my favorite visits was with the Japanese gentlemen that were selling Yoko’s fabric. The language barrier made it interesting at first, but we figure out a way to get the job done. When the gentlemen had our fabric order written, I blew them away by saying “thank you” in Japanese (which is literally the only Japanese word I know!). It made their day and quite honestly, they made mine too. There were smiles all around and we are anxiously waiting for their goods to arrive!

Hope to see you at the shop this Summer.

Kris Stutzman

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